Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home

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Healthex Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home with Back Support & Twister

Exercise Air Bike: This is a portable non-motorized bicycle that has various features such as an electronic meter. There is a display of distance, time, calories burnt, speed, etc which is visible on the bicycle’s meter.
  •  Warranty: Warranty is valid for 6 months in the case of manufacturing defects.
  •  Installation: There is an installation guide present with the product. In various cities, we help you get in touch with a third-party technician who will set up the installation for you. (With charges)
Link for installation help for the product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6GiRVrPjas&t=20s Is good for your heart.
  • Riding this product will help you perform cardiovascular activity. It will help you lower your high blood pressure, regulation of blood sugar, preventing heart attacks, etc. Also, this activity will help you at lowering cholesterol levels. It helps the heart pump blood better.
  • Cares for your joints.
This product will help you do various aerobic activities such as team sports, jogging, etc. But as these activities can cause stress on your joints. However, this stationary cycle will help you perform these aerobic activities without causing any stress on your joints. This stationary cycle will help you exercise without causing any stress on joints such as hips, back, ankles, knees, etc. So, now you can exercise easily without worrying about injuries.
  • Everything about Installation, Warranty as well as after-sales
There is a manual for installation in the product box. There is also an installation video available on Youtube. An introduction to technicians is also provided who would do the installation on a chargeable basis.  In case of any queries, you can get in touch with us. For replacement of any defective parts of the product, you can get in touch with us,

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