• Burn calories, gain muscle tone, and improve overall health with this ultra-efficient, works various muscle groups (arms, legs, abdominals, and buttocks) for a complete body workout.
  • Customer have to install the machine by yourself; Owner’s manual provided inside the box, it is very simple and easy to install,
  • Tubular steel construction and a wide base provide secure stability and lasting durability. Soft hand rail grips along with extra-large, textured foot pedals even more sturdy support for smooth elliptical striding or bike pedaling, Maximum User Weight : 110 Kgs
  • An adjustable tension knob allows for variable resistance levels to accommodate any workout level, The full-form seat is height adjustable, for a customized and comfortable workout experience.
  • Easily monitor fitness at your fingertips, with built-in pulse rate sensors in the hand rails and stats illuminated on a LCD display screen. Elapsed speed, time, distance, calories burned, and heart/pulse rate are rotated on the battery-operated display screen


Kamachi bike comes with LCD display windows which display speed, time, distance, and calorie.


The bike features a sturdy wheel which is durable and can withstand tension to support your high-intensity workout.


The seat of the bike comes with cushioning and can be adjusted as per your convenience, making your workout session more comfortable.

Product Description

  • Is good for your heart.

Riding this product will help you perform a cardiovascular activity. It will help you lower your high blood pressure, regulation of blood sugar, preventing heart attacks, etc. Also, this activity will help you at lowering cholesterol levels. It helps the heart pump the blood better.

  • Cares for your joints.

This product will help you do various aerobic activities such as team sports, jogging, etc. But as these activities can cause stress on your joints. However, this stationary cycle will help you perform these aerobic activities without causing any stress on your joints. This stationary cycle will help you exercise without causing any stress on joints such as hips, back, ankles, knees, etc. So, now you can exercise easily without worrying about injuries.