Paytm wishlist giveaway offer 2022 win upto Rs.1500

Paytm Wishlist Giveaway 2022

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What is Paytm Wishlist 2022 Offer?

Paytm wishlist 2022 offer is a huge offer to earn cashback on Paytm. You can use this cashback for online mobile recharge, online gas payment, online electricity bill, send to others, and more. We are doing Paytm wishlist giveaway on our telegram channel.

Who can avail this offer?

All users who have a verified Paytm account with full KYC. You should install the updated Paytm app on your mobile, you can not avail of this offer on the web. You have to link your bank account to activate the UPI.

What is the end date of this offer?

The offer has started on 30th December 2021 and it will expire on 31st January 2022.

How to play Paytm wishlist offer 2022?

First of all, click here to go on the offer page. you will see four contests on the offer section like Theme Collection, Mid Delight, and 2022 Bonanza.

To play the Theme Collection contest you need to complete the given tasks on the table. there are five rows of cards you should complete the tasks of the 3rd number row.

What are the tasks?

Tasks are very easy. You have to collect all four cards on this section Coorg, Tawang, Spiti Valley, and Alibaug.

How to collect them?

For Coorg and Tawang cards you just need to use send money and scan and pay option while using send money option keep in mind the minimum amount should be Rs.50 and Rs.25 for the scan and pay option.

For the Spiti Valley card you need to pay Rs.10,000 as rent through Paytm and for Alibaug just pay Rs.198 or more on any shop or online store using Paytm postpaid.

How to earn maximum cashback?

Here at couponcage in the below table, we are providing you with complete details to get maximum cashback and collect all given cards. If you collect all the given cards, you can win up to Rs.1500.

EXCHANGE GIFTSSend money minimum of Rs.50 to any mobile from your bank.
GO SHOPPINGScan & Pay a minimum of Rs.25.
HOST PARTYAdd Rs.100 in Paytm wallet.
Binge WatchRecharge Rs.99 or more of any prepaid or postpaid mobile
ZUMBAIt will be added when you start the contest
GARDENINGSend money from your account to anyone.
INVESTINGBuy gold of Rs.100 or more.
COOKINGPay a gas bill of Rs.500 or more.
COORGSend money to any mobile from your bank only.
TAWANGScan & Pay Rs.25.
SPITI VALLEYPay Credit card bill or Rent of Rs.minimum Rs.10,000
ALIBAUGPay Rs.198 at any shop or on any app.
DOSASend Rs.50 or more from your account.
PUCHKAPay Electricity/ Water bill or Recharge DTH recharge of Rs. minimum Rs.100
PAV BHAJIRefer your to download Paytm and make 1st transaction through UPI.
RELAXSet auto pay on your Paytm account or gift a friend
YOGACheck-in for 7 days
WALKSend money minimum of Rs.50 to any mobile from your bank.
SPAPay minimum Rs.99 on any shopping site.
GULLY CRICKETShop on any online portal of minimum Rs.300 using Paytm wallet or gift card
HIDE AND SEEKGift any card to your friend.
SCRABBLEBuy any movie ticket of minimum Rs.150.
SNAKE & LADDERSRefer your to download Paytm and make 1st transaction through UPI.

How to participate in Paytm wishlist giveaway?

You need to join our telegram channel to participate in this contest. In the telegram channel, we have been providing lots of cards to our users.

Who Can Join Our Telegram Channel?

There is no restriction or condition to join our telegram channels all you need to have a telegram account is simply click on the join button.

According to Paytm, they can change their t&c any time without prior notice for a better experience please read all t&c.

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